Our Objective

About Mukti

Mukti came into being on April 14, 1986. Each one of us has the right to dream, right to equal opportunity. But sometimes life throws different challenges at you, some more difficult to cope with than others. A singular accident or situation can change life completely. Injured minds and battered bodies come to Mukti every day. Mukti provides them the freedom to dream once again…

In India, 2% of the population which is around 200 million persons is reported to be physically or otherwise challenged. Our prime objective is to provide prosthesis (Artificial Limb) to the amputees, and Calipers to the polio-afflicted persons. Since then over 3,00,000 artificial limbs and Calipers have been provided free of charge to the needy.

Our vision is to ensure that every person who needs an artificial limb or caliper is provided the same.

Our Objective:

  • Provide free artificial limbs to amputees.
  • Provide free calipers to those afflicted by Polio.
  • Rehabilitate the physically challenged; provide vocational guidance and training thereby enabling them to become contributing members of society.
  • Conduct seminars, camps, and awareness programs to help the public become more sensitive and mindful to the needs of the physically challenged.
  • Maximizing normal schooling opportunities for the physically challenged children, thereby integrating them into the mainstream of the community and community development.
Inaugurated in 1986

Inaugurated in 1986