Mukti – the beacon of hope for people with disabilities!

The word ‘Mukthi” from Sanskrit means “to liberate from difficulties” and that exactly Mukti, the organization, does to people with disability.

Venkatakrishnan_2I vividly remember the pain that I underwent in walking with those heavy metal calipers given by Government hospitals in 2002. I was doing my MBA in one of the Business Schools then. I had to move around the college to go to training labs, conference and class rooms. I found it extremely difficult to cope-up with the challenges and at one point I was about to quit my studies due these overwhelming difficulties.
At that point, my friend introduced Mukti to me. When I went there for the first time, I was received with a warm smile and was asked to wait in the lobby. Then they called me inside to take the measurement. After that, I thought I could leave, because it would take 3 months to get the calipers after giving the measurement in Government hospital. But to my surprise, I was asked to wait till evening to get the calipers on the same day. I also remember that I and my father were provided with lunch by the Mukti’s associates. Finally, they called me to test the caliper in the evening. When I first walked with those calipers, I felt as if I was flying. Because, the calipers were made up of special type of materials due to which the caliper weighed only 400 grams. Previously, I was wearing the caliper which weighed 4 Kgs. I felt Wow – 90% weight reduction. More importantly, they collected only a meager amount to do this overwhelming service.
The new freedom has helped me to get rid of my inferiority complex. I walked around the campus freely. This has improved my confidence level multifold and I took new challenges and grew-up in my life. But the caliper was not fully free from glitches. It broke often. When I went to service the caliper, I was given immediate attention. I was able to get my calipers serviced within a day and start my routines from the very next day.
Mukti is continuing the same spirit even today. In the last 13 years, I visited several times to service my caliper and I couldn’t remember even a single time that I left Mukti without servicing my calipers.
Now, I work as an Operations Manager at an MNC and I realize the dedication and commitment it requires to run an organization with high sincerity and discipline. I could see people and process have changed at Mukti but the underlying purpose for which Mukti was initiated is still continuing with the same spirit.
Last month, I had the privilege to meet, Mrs. Meena Dadha, Director of Mukti. What a humble leader she is? I told her that I am overwhelmed with the service of Mukti and thanked her for continuing a noble cause that she started for helping disabled people. She accepted my thanks with a smile on her face and said “We are happy to hear that you are free from your difficulties and grew-up in life.”
She is one in thousand individual who is born to assist thousands of needy people.
I know this wouldn’t suffice but I don’t have anything other than to say “Thanks Mukti!”
Yours truly,

K M Venkatakrishnan
I am working as an Operations Manager at an MNC and an aspiring public speaker.