A short film on Mukti

A short film on Mukti by Target Consultants, Hyderabad.


Published on Youtube on Aug 25, 2014

MUKTI is voluntary organisation dedicated to the cause of the physically handicapped. It is based in Chennai, India. Based on HDPE technology, MUKTI Limbs are designed to stimulate normal limb movements and provide a quality solution for the physically handicapped. Over 2,00,000 physically challenged persons belonging to the poor section of the society are using Mukti Limbs not only in India but also in different parts of the world!
Most significantly, the prosthetics orthotics and other aids are provided totally free of charge to the handicapped.
You too can help with your generous contributions to MUKTI’s cause. The money will be worth its value if it can bring a smile on the face of a disabled person.
Please visit : http://www.muktiindia.org