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MUKTI stands for over 2,00,000 physically challenged persons have been provided with mobility aids, absolutely free of cost. Today most of them stand on their own 'feet' as bread winners, mothers and students, having joined the mainstream of the population as normal people.

Mukti, does not stop with providing free mobility aids. It takes care of the aftermath also by doing its bit in the rehabilitation of the disabled. Mentally challenged people, affiliated to SCARF have been employed in Mukti itself.

Mukti takes its place in the process of creating awareness in society by organizing sports and cultural programs for the disabled, awareness programs like road safety as well as Awards programs for outstanding candidates .It has had artificial limb camps at many places in South America, Africa and Mexico.

Mukti believes that no one is disabled – only different , and as such does all it can to bring these people to join the mainstream. As a first step towards educational integration, many children are absorbed in city schools.

So – 'Spare a moment for the Movement'.
Every year MUKTI recognises the achievement of the outstanding physically challenged persons with Lalchand Milapchand Dadha award

With the Sri Lanka civil war finally come to an end efforts are afoot on a war footing to rehabilitate those who have been severely injured and physically ravaged by it. Mukti is honoured to announce that it has had the privilege to supply about 700 foot of various sizes along with the materials for providing limbs to those Sri Lankans who had lost their limbs during the war.
We are grateful to King’s Electronic and Valvudhayam Rehabilitation Center, Sri Lanka for giving us this opportunity.

On 24th June 2009, Mukti Centre once again supported 10 houses in the village of Kottakuppam, with toilets facility. Mukti center hopes to continue supporting villages and villagers in and around Chennai and help to bring about awareness of sanitation and hygiene.